Gun Storage Bill Passes Assembly

Threatens Violators With Heavy Penalties

Posted 4 years ago

On Thursday, the New York State Senate passed a bill known as "Nicholas's Law" by the narrowest of margins. The bill requires all guns to be locked up or secured with a trigger lock when not in a gun owner's immediate possession. The bill applies to all firearms, including shotguns, rifles, and handguns.

Anti-gun activists cheered the bill's passage as a victory for gun safety, while most gun owners see it as just another trampling of our second amendment rights in this state. Should the bill pass the Senate and become law, it will deliver heavy penalties on violators ranging from misdemeanor to felony.

Passage of the bill also raises all sorts of questions. It's unclear at this time if violators would then be subject to the gun confiscation and gun ownership limitations imposed by Cuomo's SAFE Act. It's also unclear if hunters on their way to deer camp will be allowed to keep their firearms in their vehicle when stopping for a restroom or if they have to take their shotgun with them (not my idea - this came from Assemblyman Andrew Goodell - questioning if a locked vehicle suffices). And it's unclear what charges you will face if a burglar gains access to your gun and shoots you! For that reason, some are calling this the "NYS Safety for Burglars Act".

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