In the coming days, you're going to see big changes to the Journal.

If you're not familiar with it,  you're going to want to give it a try. It's our take on the the social media interfaces most of us use everyday. It's a way for all members to easily post, share, connect, and collaborate with other sportsmen around the New York State.

The Journal is where sportsmen can post hunting, trapping, or fishing images, events, or videos without offending a sensitive family member or anti-hunter. It's a place where you can get the word out about an event you're having to people who may actually show up.

When it launches, it'll be much simpler than other systems you may know, but no less effective. Over time, we’ll add more features and give you greater control over your content.

Stay tuned. When we announce its launch, we're going to need your feedback in order to iron out any kinks.

Thank you for being part of!