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6 years ago

For those interested in Food Plots and general Habitat Improvement.


Would food plots help?

I purchased 21.5 acres that boarded rush creek forest in Allegany county  5 years  ago. A large amount was open land of scrub brush, golden rod and not much else.When the leafs come down the hunting was non existent.With the help of Jason at Shamel milling in Concord NY I was able to  transform it in a few years,I currently have 3 plots of my own and do a 1/2 acre of Imperial Whitetail clover for a neighbor friend.

The size and amount of deer we're getting on camera has increased each year.This year I planted 1 acre of Imperial whitetail clover, a half acre of double cross from white tail institute and 1/4 acre of sugar beets that I got from Jason at Shamel milling in Concord NY.

All did very well, they hit the clover all year got into the Brassica in the double cross after a couple heavy frost's and are absolutely pounding the sugar beets now(late season). I would encourage anyone that wants to improve their hunting to improve their habitat to offer what your neighbors' land may be lacking.


Food plots help but a bigger key is security cover, or sanctuary. if the deer bed on you neighbors and come to your plots they must get by them first, if they bed and feed on yours they will be there 24/7 365day a year. I do 7 acres of corn, 4 of oats/wheat, 2 of turnip, and approximately 5 of clover. but i have 30 acres i do not enter ever! except to thicken it in middle of winter , or deer recovery only at night. I have 175 acres total and have taken 309 deer off my property since 93' as of this writing with muzzleloder and last weekend of gun to go . 79 being antlered buck, with 12 of those scoring over 125 in. A thick sanctuary is vital to this success.

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I couldn't agree more. Since purchasing the property a little over 5 years ago I have planted Chinese chestnut,several types of apple, pear and pines of all kinds.I have planted berry bush's, crab apple,winter Holley,goose berry...etc.I have a thick area of 3 acres or so that the deer like to bed,I don't hunt it,I don't even go in there but what of the new neighbor that seems to think its OK to use as a bullet stop for his target practice ? owners of smaller parcel's have issue's that you don't face, for me food plots are the way to go while I let nature run it's course.

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