6 years ago

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Tired of Rage O-Rings and need alternative!

I get to my stand, nock an arrow and the blades in my Rage Chisel Tips are flopping around. I try to snap them in place and they won't cooperate. I need alternatives. Considering T3 broadheads instead.


Saw a ballistic test on T3 by G5. 1/4" plywood in the front of ballistic gel. On impact the blade did not deploy but deployed within an inch of entry. Reviews on their blade retention clips are mixed.

Reply Posted by blind archer 5 years ago

I'm ready to go back to Muzzy fixed blades. On less thing that can go wrong when it counts.

Reply Posted by OnTarget 5 years ago

Outdoorlife tested top broadheads and the Swacker 2" Mechanical Broadheads tested well.

Reply Posted by blind archer 5 years ago

Based on pictures alone, it doesn't look like the swackers could be legal in NYS. Do they fold up and become barbless? Doesn't look it to me.

Reply Posted by VanOtisco 5 years ago

I used the hypodermic rage heads with great success. They had great penetration and I honestly banged them around quite a bit in both my regular bow and crossbow. Also have practiced with the shwacker but im concerned about using rubber bands to hold anything.

Reply Posted by WORKHARDPLAYHARD 4 years ago

Yeah - I've heard good things about the Hypodermics too, but I've soured on Rage. I agree, trading o-rings for rubber bands doesn't sound like a step up.

Reply Posted by OnTarget 4 years ago

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