6 years ago

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the rut is kickin in

 Driving into work this morning and checking fields on the way as always i saw 3 big bucks standing in the middle of open cut fields.This is a great sign the rut is about to bust loose,so get out this weekend it should prove to be awesome.Good luck hunters.


I heard several bleats this morning about a half hr before sunrise. I agree this weekend, should be good.

Reply Posted by QuiverMeTimbers 6 years ago

nothing this morning - no chasing - very quiet

Reply Posted by VanOtisco 6 years ago

saw several bucks this morning - I dragged some primos golden estrus then hung it - soon a 10 pt came in, but he stayed in cover - then four more bucks passed through - a 4, a 3, and a spike and a button i each one very interested

Reply Posted by VanOtisco 6 years ago

Had a big tall 6 point come out on far side of bean field on Saturday morning,worked his way to my side of field and started to go outback.I was able to grunt him in within 20 yards only to have him stop behind a huge branch and the only spot i didn' have a clean shot at him.needless to say he never gave me a clear shot so i watched him walk away.Lets see him again at gun season and it will be a different

Reply Posted by Roger Homan 6 years ago

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