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Public Fall Turkey Season 2012

Oct /30/2012  - So Far this season I have Hunted Hard 5 days

- One day a friend and I hunted farm and wood patches along the PA and NY border (4,000 acres area) and counted only 4 flocks of birds - a young group of 11 with 2 hens, a bachelor group of 3 Gobblers, a mixed group (14) crossing the pasture with cows, and at 5pm in the rain 3 hens flying up into trees, looking for us while we where calling while other two birds? on the ground moving away from us.

other 4 days I walked my Gun ..

and today !

 I was on my own property and counted 9 birds that I busted while walking down the hill towards my vehicle without a Gun..

Birds are not talking back.. they have been coming in silent..

How about you guys.. anything to report ..


I'm more focused on whitetail right now, but year after year I can count on seeing and hearing plenty of turkey. But not this year.The few that I've seen are staying quiet.Occasionally, I'll hear a few clucks but that's really it. The population seems to be down quite a bit as well. It figures you'd see birds without your gun

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BH01 - How did your Turkey season work out? Any photos? Any stories?

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