Dave Tranchell of Hamburg, NY provided with a video of a battle between two male turkeys talking place in his backyard. The confrontation was filmed by his neighbor in early March.

If the video is not displaying properly, view it directly on YouTube here.

Eric Thomas of Bristol Hills Outfitters reviewed the video for us. He said, "The video shows what looks to be two-year-old, sub-adult males fighting for the same territory. This is normal springtime behavior during the lead-up to mating. Each bird liked what was there and was trying to chase the other off.

"It would have been interesting if there was a hen there, then the fight would have been more intense. Conversely, if the two sub-adults knew there was a tom in the area, there most likely wouldn’t have been a fight at all."

According to Tranchell's neighbor, the fight lasted for 25-30 minutes before one of the birds was chased off.


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