The Online Hottie May Be An Anti-Hunter

Think Twice Before Accepting That Friend Request

Posted By VanOtisco, 3 years ago

I thought it was bit odd when Miss Silsby Gingg sent me a Facebook friend request, particularly since I keep my personal account somewhat isolated from the business page. One is more oriented toward posts about family and close friends. The other is an outreach for the website, where the typical post has something to do with hunting, fishing, or trapping. 

So before blindly accepting the request Miss Gingg, I clicked on her avatar to have a look at her profile. It was sparse page for such a young, attractive skiing enthusiast. There were no posts, only a profile picture, and we had no friends in common. Yet, this young, attractive skier chose me, a 47 year old grandfather with a strong aversion to sliding down a hill with two slippery sticks strapped to my feet, as her first Facebook friend.

No warning signs there.

I've received several of these bizarre friend requests over the last few weeks. Each time, they're from an account with an odd username, barely any posts, and maybe a friend in common due to someone I know accepting a request after too many beers. Some of the profiles are from men holding giant tropical fish or posing with an animal not found for 6000 miles.

Brian McCombie, has written about this for the NRA's American Hunter. In his post Are 'Friends' Outing Hunters on Facebook?, he suspects that anti-hunters and anti-gunners could be to blame. He asserts that this spike in bizarre friend requests started soon after Facebook decided to ban posts related to the private sale of guns. He suspects that antis could be targeting Facebook users who participate in hunting, shooting, and other offensive activities.

Although McCombie makes a good case, I'm not so sure there's conspiracy of anti-hunters and anti-gunners looking to pluck us like weeds from Facebook. In my experience, they're usually not that creative. They're often overtaken by their emotions and come right at you; no strategy — no deception — just stupid in a full-on charge.

I suspect that the friend requests are just senseless spam. If I'm correct, Facebook will eventually get around to cleaning up the bogus accounts and we'll all see our like counts and friend lists change a bit.

Tell me, have you received friend requests from Silsby Gingg, Mimmo Dentice, or Osby Neebo? Have you you accepted any of them without thinking it through? If so, did you receive more requests or were any of your posts reported as offensive or violent?



Mike Rossi, 3 years ago

As many as 50% of people online who indicate they are hunters may not be, including males. Anti hunters also join federations and clubs and attend meetings. Very common in NY. They usually say deer hunting is ok but everything else has something wrong with it, which they are glad to elab about. NJ is worse - the NJ Fed of Sportsmen has over 160,000 members. However, NJ has not sold more than 70,000 hunting licenses in almost 20 years.

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