The DMV Is To Blame For Hunting License Woes Least In Part.

Posted By VanOtisco, 5 years ago

It was said as a joke. I had made a similar comment just 10 minutes earlier, when I was just one hunter closer to getting my license at BassPro.

“This is almost as bad as the DMV,” he quipped, as the rest of us in line laughed with him, painfully. We all knew what he meant. Renewing our hunting license had gone from a formality to a nuisance. Sure it was a few dollars cheaper, but that didn't seem much of a consolation.

Then the exhausted, but still patient, BassPro clerk explained that the new licensing system “talked to the DMV and other state systems to validate addresses”. We all nodded, because now the delay made sense. It's the DMV 's fault!


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