The NYS DEC has announced that they have made improvements to two systems to help those who hunt, fish, and trap in NYS.

The new interfaces took the feedback of sportsmen, license-issuing agents, and technical contractors to make DEC's system more user friendly, faster, and easier to use. Besides helping license-issuing agents and online license purchasers, the new system is said to improve the online experience for those reporting the harvesting of deer, bear and turkey.

The improved interfaces will allow license-issuing agents and online purchasers the ability to:

  • readily access more information such as the current licenses, privileges, permits and tags held, as well as the most recent Wildlife Management Units where the hunter successfully applied for deer management permits;
  • easily update personal information, such as current address, to help ensure DEC's information is up-to-date and the license is valid;
  • move through fewer screens;
  • sell multiple short-term fishing licenses;
  • streamline game harvest reporting process; and
  • report multiple harvests in one session.

The 2015-16 hunting and trapping licenses go on sale on August 10 and are valid beginning September 1, 2015. Licenses and permits can be purchased at one of DEC's license-issuing agents around the state, as well as by telephone and online:

License buyers should have the following items ready when applying: complete name and address information; customer ID number if they have it; proof of residency information (driver's license number or non-driver's ID number with a valid NYS address to qualify for a resident license); and, if purchasing by phone or internet, a credit card and card expiration date. Hunting license purchases require individuals to provide proof of a hunting education certification or a copy of a previous license, if this information is not already contained in their license system file.

For more information, view the entire DEC’s press release here.


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