Leave it to New York Politicians to once again propose legislation that throws sportsmen and terrorists into the same lot.

According to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, twin bills have have introduced in the NY State Senate and Assembly which will limit the amount and frequency of ammunition purchases. Sponsored by state Senator Roxanne Persaud and Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon, both of Brooklyn, the bills would limit gun owners to purchasing no more twice a gun's capacity in a 90 day period.

Persaud and Simon say that the bills are to prevent terrorists from stocking up on ammunition. Simon went as far as to cite the the San Bernardino shooters and their stockpile of 6,000 rounds.

But any thinking person understands that bad guys don't follow laws. That’s kinda part of being a bad guy. Due to that fact, these bills would do more to negatively impact the sport of hunting much more than it would impede terrorism. 

Limitations on ammunition purchases will certainly interfere with the lifestyle of serious shooters, such as the men and women who legally possess many guns and are always at the range. But these bills are so ridiculous that even a casual hunter or seasonal shooter will find it nearly impossible to participate in their sport.

Consider the casual deer hunter who sights in his gun in early November for just a few days of hunting. In less than five minutes, he could exhaust his 90 day supply and have nothing left over for the hunting season. If that's not ridiculous enough, consider the duck hunter. Will duck hunters be limited to 6 or 10 shells in 90 days, due to the federal three shot limit? Either way, the rule is impractical, foolish, and misguided.

I expect that this is one of the many ridiculous bills that pop up each and every year in the State of New York which ultimately go nowhere. However, I also expect that the bills will be modified with a higher limit, while the SAFE Act is hanging tough.


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