On Friday, DEC released it s report summarizing the annual Bear Harvest in New York State. The report reveals a harvest that is strong and consistent with the 5 year average. In total, DEC reports that 1,539 black bears were harvested during the 2016 hunting seasons.

The press release announcing the publishing of the report made mention of several notable numbers:

    One bear per 3.3 square miles --- by Wildlife Management Unit (WMU), the greatest bear harvest density occurred in WMU 3K, which includes portions of Sullivan and Orange counties. However, the town of Minisink in Orange County (WMU 3M) produced one bear for every 1.9 square miles.

    107 --- the greatest number of bears reported taken on any one day, the opening day of the regular firearms season in the Southern Zone.

    555 pounds --- the heaviest dressed weight bear reported to DEC in 2016, taken in the town of Brandon, Franklin County. A 540-pound dressed weight bear was reportedly taken in the town of Walton in Delaware County, and seven bears were reported with dressed weights between 400-500 pounds. Scaled weights of dressed bears were submitted for 22 percent of the bears taken in 2016.

    25 --- the number of tagged bears reported in the 2016 harvest. These included six bears originally tagged in Pennsylvania, five from New Jersey, and one from Vermont. The remainder were originally tagged in New York for a variety of reasons including research, nuisance response, relocated urban bears, or released rehabilitated bears.

    10 --- the number of junior hunters in the Southern Zone were able to take advantage of the new opportunity in 2016 and harvest a bear. You may recall, 2016 allowed junior hunters to take black bears during the Youth Hunt over Columbus Day weekend. That hunt overlapped with the early bear season in the Northern Zone.

For those who wish to dive into the numbers, a complete summary of the 2016 bear harvest with results and maps by county, town, and WMU is available at DEC's website.

In addition, you can view the full press release here.


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