ScentPURGE Ozone Scent Elimination

By Whitetail'R

Posted By blind archer, 5 years ago

One of the more recent developments in scent eliminating products for hunters has been the use of Ozone (Oā‚ƒ). These products don't mask odors, they instead destroy odors in a natural way.

Whitetail'R asserts that their ScentPURGEā„¢ products will completely eliminate orders, "everything fromĀ human B.O., cigarette smoke, musty storage totes, cooking and evenĀ gasoline".

ScentPURGEā„¢Ā  products from Whitetail'R are portable and affordable. The ScentPURGEā„¢Ā  50 treats an area of 80 square feet and comes with both A/C and D/C power cords. An accessory kit that comes with a cigarette lighter/accessory outlet is also available. The ScentPURGEā„¢Ā  retails for under $60.


The ScentPURGEā„¢Ā  270 works just like the ScentPURGEā„¢Ā  50, but treats and area up to 270 square feet. It comes with an A/C power cord and a car adapter. The ScentPURGEā„¢Ā  270 retails for under $140.

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