Regulation Banning Lead Ammo Lifted

New Secretary Of The Interior Not Wasting Any Tme

Posted By VanOtisco, 2 years ago

The ink was still wet on his confirmation as the 52nd Secretary of the Interior when Ryan Zinke began to do his part to unravel the tangled regulatory mess left behind by the Obama administration. On his first day on the job Zinke signed two Secretarial Orders that should make many in the sportsman community very happy. 

First, Zinke signed order 3346 revoking Director’s Order 219 which banned the use of lead ammunition and and fishing tackle on Fish and Wildlife Service lands and waters. You may recall, that order 219 was one of several politically motivated orders issued in the waning days of the Obama administration.

Second, Zinke signed Order 3347, which advances conservation stewardship, improves game and habitat management, and increases outdoor recreation opportunities by directing bureaus and agencies to immediately identify areas where outdoor recreation can be expanded. The order also requests the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council and Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council to provide recommendations on enhancing and expanding access on public lands and improving habitat for fish and wildlife.

These small, but not insignificant, moves send a clear signal that the politically motivated, anti-gun and anti-hunting regulations of the last eight years will soon be put behind us.


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