Passing It On

Bringing Up The Next Generation Of Sportsmen

Posted By VanOtisco, 4 years ago

It started when my brother gave me a tackle box filled with a handful of his lures. Soon I was catching perch with my Snoopy pole and my Zebco 202. As I grew up, I was that kid who could be found riding his bike to a nearby creek, while also holding a tackle box and two fishing rods.

Years later, that same brother introduced me to hunting. And today, I still hunt and fish with him. We even run together.

Passing down the tradition of hunting, fishing, and trapping passes down so much more than the sports themselves. It gives a young person a vehicle for creating a lifetime of memories of their own. They may be memories of great catches, the one that got away, the story behind the trophy on the wall, amazing meals, or of time with a Dad who’s not around anymore.

Hunting and Fishing is common ground for so many of us. White collar, blue collar, or no collar – many of us find common ground in hunting and fishing. This can make friends of out of total strangers at times, simply because you're both standing on a shore.

Just recently, my grandson caught his first fish. Immediately, he was boasting how he was going to catch the big ones. Within days, I was there as my brother-in-law took his six year old son to an archery shop to get setup with his first bow. Then, my brother helped his grandson haul in a lunker bass from an Allegany County pond.

To all those who are passing it on, keep it up. Keep teaching them how to cast, tie fishing knots, shoot a bow, or handle a firearm safely. You’re passing along so much more than you might think.


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