PA Hunter Harvests A Melanistic Doe

The Hunt Spanned Four Seasons

Posted By VanOtisco, 4 years ago

In 2012, Hunter Myer of Chester Co., PA asked a local farmer for permission to shed hunt. Hunter, then only 15 years old, found a couple nice sheds so he decided to ask the farmer for permission.  The farmer agreed, starting what became a hunt that took four seasons to complete.

That fall, Hunter setup a treestand on the edge of a soybean field. After watching where the deer walked out, he moved his stand a couple times until he found a tree he liked. It was positioned in a natural funnel between thick bedding and the soybean field.

One evening, he saw a very dark, near back, doe appear at 20 yards. At the time, young Hunter didn’t know what he was looking at, so he gave her a pass, shooting a 9 point later that evening. When he returned home, Hunter Googled a description of the dark doe and discovered that she was a melanistic deer.

Most hunters are familiar with Piebald deer which typically appear as white with patches of brown or black. Then there are the rare Albino deer which lack all pigment in their fur, hooves, and eyes. Melanistic deer are the rarest of these genetic defects, producing too much of the pigment melanin, resulting in colors much darker than the typical whitetail.

Hunter didn't see the melanistic doe for the rest of 2012.

Over the next two years, Hunter only saw her or captured her on camera a few times. One time, in the fall of 2014, Hunter spotted her walking toward his treestand, but she spooked when the farmer drove into his field.

Then in the summer of 2015 Hunter's trail camera snapped a picture of her two days before the start of bow season.

He explained that he went out at 2:30pm ahead of an incoming storm, hoping that the unsettled weather would get the deer on their feet. That afternoon, Hunter passed on several doe, hoping that the melanistic doe would walk by. His patience eventually paid off.

"I shot her on October 3rd, 2015 at 5:20 P.M. in Chester Co. PA at 16 yards with a Hoyt Faktor 30 and Rage 2 blade broadheads through the heart," Hunter told

Hunter says that he's definitely getting her mounted. "I am getting a pedestal mount to show off more of her beauty, because it will be broadside. The rest of her hide I am getting tanned."

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