Just days after getting his newly acquired boat into the water, Connor Donovan landed a beautiful 43 inch Tiger Musky Wednesday evening. "Definitely the best fish I ever caught in fresh water," he said.

Donovan lives in Marietta, not far from Otisco Lake; a lake known for its Tiger Musky. He’s fished it often with his friends, who have all caught noteworthy fish over the years. This one, however, truly stands out.

Fishing for Bass, Donovan was using a light action rod and reel with 6lb test. He wasn’t using a leader, targeting Largemouth Bass with various top water lures. One of his casts attracted the attention of a Tiger Musky skimming the surface of the water.

Instinctively, he slowed his retrieve, added a couple of twitches, and – BAM! Drag screamed as the fish dove into the weedy bottom and there it sat "like a cinder block", with the occasional twitch of its head or tail.

For several minutes, with his bass rod bent nearly to its breaking point, Donovan kept pressure on his catch. Every now and then, he’d gain 6 inches to a foot, and others times he’d lose ground to a good drag-screaming run.

Eventually, the fish was hauled into the boat by its tail, where a stunned Donovan could hoist his catch for pictures. "There’s no way I was going to lose that fish," he said.

Once the pictures were done, Donovan took his time reviving the fish, before returning him to Otisco Lake.


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