Onondaga County Sheriff Conway Address The SAFE Act

While Speaking At The New York Sportsman's Expo

Posted By VanOtisco, 4 years ago

Few things rile New York State gun owners more than Governor Cuomo's NY SAFE Act. From the way it was passed to its over-reaching and needlessly restrictive nature, Governor's NY SAFE Act is still very unpopular.

When the NY SAFE Act was passed, reportedly to limit the access and capabilities of handguns as well as so-called “Assault Weapons”, it also swept most sportsmen into its nonsense. For that reason, Onondaga County Sheriff Eugene Conway made an appearance at this past weekend's New York Sportsman's Expo.

Sheriff Conway immediately had the full attention of the healthy crowd which had gathered, when he opened by declaring, “The SAFE Law is extremely flawed legislation.”



“Law enforcement knows best what is causing our crime,” he continued. Yet, when this legislation was being drafted, “No state law enforcement organizations were consulted.” It was clear that the Sheriff is as unhappy with the law as most legal gun owners in the state.

He put it even more plainly, stating that the law “Infringes on the rights of law-abiding people.”

The Sheriff feels so strongly about it that he is banning together with 50 other Sheriffs to fight the SAFE Law. He said that his office has more important things to do than enforce this particular law. In fact, his office has yet to receive direction from the Governor's Office regarding its enforcement.

During the talk, Sheriff Conway also addressed a few pistol related issues, including the 18 month processing time for most pistol permit applications in Onondaga County. “I can't see why it can't take 30 days.”

And for those pistol permit holders who have received a letter suggesting their early cooperation with NY SAFE Act's five year recertification requirement, he made it clear that the program is completely voluntary. Permit holders are not obligated to participate at this time. Currently, the NY SAFE Act calls for pistol permit recertification every five years, beginning in 2018.

More on this issue can be found on the S.C.O.P.E. website.


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