The first day of Trout Season is here in New York State, and yes, it is April fool’s day. The fishermen certainly thought so this morning. It was cold! The temperature started in the high 20’s at 6:55 AM, slowly rising to the mid 40’s by Noon. Still, the people I spoke to were really taking April 1st as being the fool's day to be out.

Today I traveled at two locations. I visited the Cohocton River and, while on my way home, I had stopped at the Naples Creek, which is in my back yard.  All morning, the Cohocton River had a good turnout, but the fishermen were not catching any fish.

After an 11:00 lunch, I drove to Naples, NY and visited the famous Naples Creek that feeds into Canandaigua Lake. 
I did hear a few stories of people catching fish, including a story of an 11 year old who caught a 19lb fish.

While walking in the afternoon, it was very pleasant. And, as I chatted with group of fishermen on the banks of Naples Creek, they all were looking forward to fishing tomorrow. They each expect it will be warmer than today and hope better luck fishing.



Both bodies of water were not very high and the water was moving at a slower pace than expected. Each were relatively clear.  

Everybody that I spoke with during the cold morning was friendly and had a mission to do: Go Fish. 

In the afternoon, after the temperatures rose, people just plain enjoyed being outdoors – even though the fish were not biting.

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