State Senator Patrick Gallivan has introduced a bill to to clarify some of the more confusing aspects of the current crossbow classification.  Bill S7005 would more closely align the State’s view of crossbows with that of other archery implements.

Specifically, the legislation would do the following:

  • Classify Crossbows as a bow, requiring the Bow Privilege instead of the Muzzleloader Privilege

  • Eliminate the 200 lb maximum draw weight restriction

  • Eliminate the 17" minimum width restriction

  • Align the minimum age for crossbow use with other archery equipment

  • Allow 12 & 13 year old's to hunt big and small game with a crossbow

  • Permit crossbows at the same 150' setback as all other bows

  • Permit Bowfishing with crossbows

  • Allow anyone wishing to, to use a Draw Lock Device without need for a permit

  • Remove the restriction on minors and their mentors using a crossbow to hunt from the ground

  • Allow Crossbows to be used during the entire archery season in all archery areas except for Suffolk and Westchester Counties and the Archery-only areas of Albany and Monroe Counties.

In a recent email to its members, The New York Crossbow Coalition stated that they would continue to fight for the use of crossbows in Suffolk and Westchester Counties as well as the archery-only areas of Albany and Monroe Counties.

For more information about the New York Crossbow Coalition, visit their website.

Senator Gallivan can be reach via his website, as well.


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