Lick'N Branch Kit

Tapping Into Their Social Network...

Posted By blind archer, 5 years ago

Based on the idea that whitetail scrapes begin with a licking branch, the Lick’N Branch™ by Whitetail'R helps hunters influence where these "social Networks" get established.

Whitetail'R asserts, "Almost all of Mother Nature’s licking branches are initiated by doe family units during the summer and early fall months, which in turn literally shows the bucks which branches are likely to become key for their breeding scrapes during the rut."


Although late summer or early fall is the ideal time to deploy the  Lick’N Branch™, the company assures us that it's seldom too early or too late., since licking branches are often used year round.

Each of our Link’N Branch™ kits contain:

  • An 8ft telescopic Lick’N Branchâ„¢

  • Bottle of LimbSTARTERâ„¢ attractant

  • Pair of SafeGLOVâ„¢ odor free gloves

  • SwellWICKâ„¢ scent wicks

Retails price: $39.99

For more information, including helpful videos, visit the Whitetail'R website here.