Important Info For The Start Of Bow Season

DEC Asks For Help

Posted By VanOtisco, 3 years ago

On September 27, early bow season begins in the Northern Zone of New York State. It runs through Oct 21. Meanwhile, Southern Zone hunters must wait a bit longer for their season to begin October 1 and continuing through November 18.

Crossbows may be used during the last 10 days of the Northern Zone (October 12-21) bow season and the last 14 days in the Southern Zone (November 5-18).  Those who choose to use a crossbow must possess the muzzleloader privilege and a qualifications certificate. Visit the DEC website here for details.

And for those who have wished DEC would listen more to hunters, they are now asking for your help to monitor deer and other wildlife populations. Interested hunters can participate in the Bowhunter Sighting Log, which includes a diary of bowhunting activity and the number of animals seen. To participate, please e-mail DEC ( - specify Bowhunter Sighting Log in the subject line) and provide your name, address, hunter ID (back tag number), the counties where you typically hunt, and whether or not you have participated in New York's bowhunter log in any previous year.

Finally, if you haven't applied for your Deer Management Permits (DMPs), the deadline is October 1. To learn more, visit the DMP Availability and Probability of Selection page on the DEC website.


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