DEC wildlife biologist are asking for our help in locating Bear dens. It's all part of DEC's ongoing monitoring of black bears in New York. Bears known by DEC may be fitted with a radio collar to help biologists track their activities throughout the year and to relocate dens in subsequent years for monitoring cub production, condition, and survival.

"There is great value in having resident participation for this type of wildlife research," said DEC Acting Commissioner Basil Seggos. "DEC's wildlife biologists use public feedback from these studies as a guidance measure for future wildlife management and planning efforts. I encourage anyone that encounters a bear den to follow our safety instructions and reach out to their local DEC office for reporting."

Bears generally give birth sometime in January or early February. So this time of year, the high-pitched squeals of cubs may be heard if you're near a den. DEC is asking that if you do discover a den, do not approach or disturb it. Instead, make note of the location and move away from the den site.

DEC requests that anyone locating a bear den to contact their local DEC Wildlife office with specifics about the den location, including GPS coordinates if possible.

More information about black bears in New York is available at DEC's Black Bear webpage.


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