Ice Fishing Tourney On Oneida Proceeding As Temps Take Huge Dip

NYS Ice Pro-Am Tournament Series Event

Posted By VanOtisco posted by the group titled , 3 years ago

Just days after the DEC issued a press release urging caution on NY's hard water, temps have reversed course and are preparing for a huge drop. With temperatures as low as -10 on Saturday without the wind, it appears that the next event in the NYS Ice Pro-Am Tournament Series is going forward this weekend.

This week, the Pro-Am will hold a team only event on Oneida Lake. Tim Thomas, Director of the NYS Ice Pro-Am Tournament Series, posted the following statement:

"This weekend the ice pro-am will be braving the cold Sat on Oneida Lake. Tournament event is being held out of Apps Landing in Cleveland on the north shore."

So, if you're heading out, dress warm and watch your step. It is a walking event due to a few bad spots, particularly close to shore. Otherwise, we're hearing that the ice should be good.

For more information about the Ice Pro-Am, check out this video of Tim Thomas explaining the series while on Honeoye Lake a couple weeks ago. Be sure to look for the big Pike in the video. Also, you can visit the Ice Pro-Am website here.


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