We live in amazing times. The rapid advancements in technology has helped to forge a modern world where today's news is out of date before the sun sets. Each day, somebody somewhere is offended, another celebrity does something incredibly stupid, and a politician advances a freedom-stealing idea to satisfy a donor or flaunt their own ignorance.

Today, I awoke to some old, practically ancient, news that has so offended me that I must drag out my not-so-dusty soapbox. Eight days ago (I know, where have I been?), the five members of the Port Jefferson, NY village board, unanimously voted to ban the use of arrows within the village borders. This effectively ends archery hunting within the village, making it a deer sanctuary of sorts in a Long Island county where bow hunting makes up most of the hunting that is allowed.

Now, the village is only 3.1 square miles and the pending impact to the bumpers of the resident's cars (get it, impact?) and their vegetable gardens hardly makes a difference in my life. However, it's just more evidence of the Fairyland where so many politicians from village boards to the federal government spend their time. It’s a land where the bad guys register guns, subject themselves to background checks, respect concealed carry laws, and meat for our table is only purchased in grocery stores so no animals are harmed in the process.

You'd think that the allure of the $90 billion dollars American Sportsmen spend on the outdoors would attract pro-outdoor politicians like moths to a flame. But that does not appear to be enough for them, particularly in New York State, even though New York represents nearly $5 billion of that $90 billion pie*.

Below are just a few of the loony, misguided, ignorant, and the just plan wrong ideas proposed in 2015 by the representatives of the people of NYS:

  1. Twin Bills in the NY Senate and Assembly to Cap Ammunition Purchases to twice a Gun's Capacity Every 90 Days. You better plan your target practice and hunting season well or you'll be without any ammo with which to hunt. These are current bills, introduced earlier this month, as reported by the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

  2. Senate Bill 2050, sponsored by state Senator Daniel Squadron, would have banned .50 Caliber rifles. The billed died.

  3. Senate Bill 2491, sponsored by state Senator Liz Krueger, would have forced gun owners to lock up guns in the home, where they would certainly keep us safe from the bad guys. The billed died.

  4. Assembly Bill A05842, sponsored by Assemblyman Kavanagh is intended to prohibit trapping in NYS. Fortunately, this bill didn't go anywhere. 

I left many off this list. But worry, there will be more foolishness coming your way in the new year.

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