The NRA is shouting from the rooftops, trying to inform its members that the Second Amendments rights of over four million Americans may soon be limited or completely revoked. According to the NRA, the President plans to target Americans who receive Social Security Administration benefits through a "representative payee" to manage their financial affairs. He has determined that these Americans should no longer be permitted to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms.

Many older adults and those adults with disabilities use a representative payee. Think about it. This group includes veterans, retired police officers, lifelong sportsmen, and firearms enthusiasts. It includes people who live in dangerous communities where the bad-guys are well armed.

If you doubt this could happen, consider the success Governor Cuomo had when passing his SAFE Act. He used a tragedy in another state, carried out by a troubled young man, to greatly regulate the gun rights of every New Yorker. And, he did it with the help of the legislature.

According to the NRA, Obama has no intention to run this action through the Congress. Rather, he plans to leverage the power of the Social Security Administration and the power of his Office, to simply make a decree. It will be so, because he says it is so.

But hey, don't fret too much, the Republican Party will fight this for you, right? In fact, several Republicans sent a strongly worded letter to the President. After all, strongly worded rebuke has always worked on this President.  

Seriously, consider the heirloom firearms which will be in danger of being lost to a federal government furnace, because Grandpa needs help paying his cable bill on time.



VanOtisco, 4 years ago

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