Fayetteville, NY and a deer problem. The herd was simply too large, causing damage to flower gardens and vehicles. After much debate, the village decided to solve the problem with the help of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

UDSA sharpshooters hunted over bait sites on six nights in March of this year. When the effort had ended, 89 deer were harvested. Once processed, the venison obtained in the culling effort was donated to a local food bank. 

Although successful, the USDA culling effort was opposed by several residents of the area. One resident was so bold and determined to interfere with the hunt, he stood at the bait site. Others decided to oppose the hunt with the stealthy confiscation of USDA trail cameras.

The village does plan on performing another culling effort with the help of the USDA. Officials hope to have access to expand the hunt to cover more properties.


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