DEC Urges Ice Fishermen To Excercise Caution

Posted By VanOtisco posted by the group titled , 3 years ago

The DEC is urging caution on behalf of anglers, due to the recent mild weather, which has caused ice conditions around the state to quickly deteriorate.

Anglers have had very few places and very few precious days to ice fish this winter. Now, with another turn toward the milder side, those few opportunities are rapidly evaporating.

For those who insist on heading out on what little hard water can be found, the DEC is advising the following precautions:

    •    The use of motor vehicles on ice is strongly discourage until the ice thickens;
    •    Use caution when moving from ice to shore and from shore to ice;
    •    Check ice thickness near shore before going further out on the ice;
    •    Avoid areas around inlets, outlets, boathouses, docks and any open water;
    •    Be prepared to self-rescue carry spikes, flotation devices and a throw line;
    •    Wear traction devices on your feet as there is no snow on the ice surface.

Additional information regarding ice safety can be found on DEC's website.

Please checkout a video of the Broome County Water Rescue Dive Team demonstrate ice safety.

Finally, please use your best judgement before heading out onto the ice and heed the warnings by the DEC.


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