First, A disclaimer: Please forgive any misspelled last names. I did my best with DeadBaitJeff's chicken scratch.

There were four categories: Tiger Muskie, Perch, Bucket of Gills, and Lunker. Saturday and Sunday were judged independently.

Tiger Muskie

  • Saturday: 1st Place, Tim Loveland, 42 1/2 inches, 20.17lbs
  • Sunday:  ---


  • Saturday:1st place, Johnny Lavbus, 11 5/8in, .77lb
  • Saturday:2nd place, Nick Bouley 11in, .70lb
  • Sunday: 1st place, Jim Rohe, 10 3/8, .63lb
  • Sunday: 2nd place, Bob Cutterback, 10 1/4, .57lb

Bucket Of Gills

  • Saturday:1st place, Pete Parobek, 7.60lb
  • Sunday: 1st place, Pat Christopher, 10.80lb


  • Saturday: Tim Loveland, Tiger Muskie, 42 1/2 in, 20.17lbs
  • Sunday: Jim Steigerwald, Brown Trout, 24 5/8, 8.97lbs

See the full photo gallery here.

See our video recap here.



beastfisherman87, 5 years ago

Great Tournament. Just Wished They Had A Walleye category

VanOtisco, 5 years ago

That was a nice fish. Yeah, organizer didn't have a Walleye category because some fisherman were bringing Walleye from other lakes. I guess they could do that with other fish too. Maybe that's worth reconsidering.

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