As cold air rushes out of Canada, dropping temping temperatures near and below zero, New York's Ice Fishermen anxiously watch the water. Certainly, in the next few days, the water on many inland lakes with have enough ice for ice fishermen to safely venture out.

Here in Upstate New York, the 10-day forecast estimates temperatures to range from 2-29 degrees. This is good news for hard water enthusiasts, like Jeff Simmons, known as “Deadbait Jeff”, who has already confirmed three inches of ice on his favorite fishing lake.

Deadbait Jeff hosts a fishing derby on Otisco Lake each winter on the weekend closest to Valentine's Day. This year, the “Deadbait Jeff Fishing Derby” opens on the holiday. When asked about his choice of dates, he quipped, “I've ruined a lot of marriages and cause a lot of arguments with my derby.” documented Jeff's 2014 derby, producing this video.

For details on the 2015 Deadbait Jeff Ice Fishing Derby visit this link.


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