This past weekend, while driving through Clinton County, I noticed a home with several people standing around a whitetail buck in the driveway. Two pickup trucks belonging to other passer-byes were parked outside. Word of the harvest was spreading quickly and many were dropping by just to get a glimpse of the deer. I turned my car around and stopped for my own glimpse.

The hunter was very welcoming and met me with a smile. He soon admitted that the attention he was getting a bit overwhelming. In fact, due to the high doses of undesired publicity, he asked that I only use his first name in this post, Tom

Tom told me that he was invited to hunt a property in Livingston County, near Geneseo, NY. His hosts had seen a white buck in the area and extended an invitation to Tom to hunt. He gladly accepted and soon tagged the biggest deer of his life.

Tom's 150 yard shot dropped a nearly totally white, piebald 11 pt whitetail (there was a 12th point that Tom said wasn’t "legal"). It weighed in at 180lbs dressed and boasted an inside spread of 19 inches.

Tom claimed no particular expertise that led to downing his trophy. He knew he could make the shot, but the rest of it he covered with, "I just got lucky."


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