Last spring, my brother and I fished the Lower Niagara and came away with a healthy haul of Steelhead and Lake Trout. That evening, I made a fish dinner for my Mom, with that day's catch.

In September, after hauling in several King Salmon from Lake Ontario, I fired up the grill and fed 10 family and friends with just one half of one fish.

Tonight, venison stew is on the menu, made with one of the two doe I harvested this past Regular Season.

Few things in life are better than serving friends and family the fish or game that I personally harvested. It tastes better and is usually much better for you than the hormone-infused meat and fish that can be found in America's grocery stores. Plus, these meals are most certainly served with a side of hunting and fishing tales at no extra cost.

If you're like me, you have your a few favorite recipes that get used year after year. But the next time you want to try something different, I have a website for you to visit, called The Wild Harvest Table.


Started by Cornell Cooperative Extension Nutrition Educator, Moira Tidball, The Wild Harvest Table describes itself as “a celebration of the culinary bounty represented by wild game and fish in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.”

I'd describe it as an awesome recipe site hunters and fishermen. You'll find recipes like for Stuffed Venison Chops, Panfried Wild Turkey Breasts, and Brown Trout in Brown Butter and Balsamic Sauce.

I plan on giving several of these recipes a try in the very near future.




All those recipes sound great. I just started using some awesome recipe's from Alton Brown from the food channel. His jerky recipe is downright top notch. We also corn quite a bit of goose and those corned goose sandwich are second to none.

OnTarget, 4 years ago

Looks like some good stuff. The panfried Wild Turkey recipe looks like a good one. I better bag a bird in the spring.

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