Bill Moore is concerned. He's posted flyers around Allegany County asking hunters to pass on a white buck he describes as "very tame". He told NYOutdoorTalk.comĀ  that he's not really anti-hunting. Instead, he asserts that this buck is simply so tame that, "to kill him would be like killing someone's dog."

Moore knows of hunters who are complying with his plea, as well as hunters who are specifically looking for the buck to hang on their wall.

Based on a video published by Moore, it does appear that this white buck may not be true albino, because it lacks the characteristic pink eyes. According to one study, only one in about 35,000 deer are albinos. Still, an all white deer is rare.

You could argue that harvesting this buck is sound game management, by eliminating the possibility that his genes will get passed along. The survival rate among albino deer and piebald (partially to full white with normal coloring in eyes and hooves), is not great. Albino deer, in particular, can suffer from diseases due to their lack of melanin, the pigment that gives deer their normal color. Odds are, whether by hunters or by nature herself, this young, white buck may not be around very long.


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