5 Tips For Hunting Spring Turkeys

By Eric Thomas, Bristol Hills Outfitters

Posted By BHO1, 4 years ago

    1)    Plan your hunt from what you have learned in your pre-season scouting. Get in close, but not right on top of them (around 50 – 100 yards is good).

    2)    Learn their travel routes, watch where the hens go and roost.

    3)    Later in the season, Toms will be roosting and moving very close to the hens and will not gobble very much. (Term: “Henned up” )

    4)    After the noon hunting is done, take the time to go back out and quietly observe any turkey activities, even if it is at another place that you plan to hunt. I'd recommend going out around 3 PM or so.

    5)    Later in the season, when most of the hens are on nests, Toms wander looking for new hens (much like a buck in rut looks for does). This is the best time to roost a visiting Tom. During this time, he he would be very vocal,  while he tries to locate hens that are still roosting and not on nests to meet the following day.


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