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Ny Salmon Fun...kings And Coho

Posted By CCoop82 3 years ago

With Ny being so diverse in its species department, its no wonder why people flock from all over the country to our great lakes tributaries.  Not many fish in the world, let alone in fresh water can give you a fight like the Chinook ( king ) Salmon will with all of its brute strength capable of peeling 100 yards of line in the matter of seconds regardless of how your drag is set.  Fast runs and aerial acrobatics make this fish a bucket list for most anglers as well as a life long passion.  Averaging between the 15-25 lb range but capable of clearing 40lbs makes this a ferocious monster.  Now in Ny, throw in the chance to catch a Coho salmon averaging 5-10lbs and capable of reaching into the 20lb class that also screams 30mph and jumps 5+ feet out of the water doing flips and spins and you have yourself an epic day in an amazing fishery.