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Posted 6 years ago

NYOutdoorTalk.com was created for those who hunt, fish, and trap in New York State. It’s a platform where New York State’s sportsmen can connect with other sportsmen, share experiences, and grow in their knowledge of the outdoors and all aspects of their sport. Created to be the "go-to" site for news, commentary, discussions, bragging, and events, it will always focus on New York.

More Than Trophy Pictures

NYOutdoorTalk.com is more than a site filled with trophy pictures, because our outdoor lifestyle is much more than that. Most of us hunt, fish, or trap because someone passed down their love for these things to us. And we, in turn, continue to pass them down.

We want to hear about these things. It may be the knot Dad taught you, your daughter’s marksmanship, or the wild stories Grandpa told. These are as much part of being a sportsman as successfully taking a trophy – and maybe more.

Please share them here at NYOutdoorTalk.com.

Let’s Make It Really Somethin’

Much of the site’s content will be available publicly, without a site membership. However, your free membership unlocks your ability to participate and gain access to the site’s growing membership, as well as additional content. So, get started today and post a comment, "like" something, share something, or yes, post a few trophy pictures.

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Rob Vanderwerf

Founder / Webmaster
Display Name: "Vanotisco"

I was the little kid who spent all day at the creek fishing with my friends. High School was spent on Lake Erie with my Dad. Somewhere in there, I was introduced to hunting and caught the archery bug - badly. Today, I try to share my enthusiasm for the outdoors through NYOutdoorTalk.com.

Mike Vanderwerf

Co-Founder / New Products Editor 

Display Name: "Blind Archer"

Mike has always been interested in hunting and fishing. He was always dragging his little brother along to some outdoor en-devour. Today, his passion is whitetail hunting, habitat development, and the latest & greatest gadget, rod, or bow.


Our Dad loved fishing and just being on the water. He passed down this passion to us, and we've done our best to pass it down again to our children and grandchildren. We think of him with every cast. Jack Vanderwerf 1936-2013.